2:12 AM

Late nights

Today ( or should I write yesterday, as it is 2.14 am as I am writing right now? oO" )
Anyway.. Today I was traveling to Risas apartment, unfortunately I was late for the bus so I stood outside and waited for the bus, only to figure out half an hour later that it was past 7 pm, which means the busses only drive once an hour >< But after the 1 hour waiting it all went smoothly and I am now sitting and having a cozy time together with Risa and Miku. Tomorrow I am gonna attend to Oni and Rii's borthday-party they are having together. I am looking forward to it, but a afraid its gonna be awkward as I havent been at any birthday-party since I was around 17 years old. ^^; But aside from that I hope it will be great fun together with friends, as I really love the few times I am together with my friends ( now more often that it have ever been, because I've gotten an apartment way clsoer to my friends than it was before ) I dont like the weather-forecast for this weekend; snowstorm the whole weekend. If that is true I will in worst case be stuck in the Copenhagen area .__." Away from all the rant and instead I wanna share a picture of my beloved jellyfish cellphone-strap I bought at Confusion, Göteborg 2011 ( Sweden ) Isnt it gorgeus? <3

// Yokume


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