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A small new update

And I'm back ^^,

Right now Im back in my own, and very cold, apartment, drinking some christmas tea while watching television. Im beng horrible lonely and feel like I can cry any time. I wish I had something I could sew on, but I dont. Im not looking forward to chekng my mailbox tomorrow at al since Ive been away in like 5-6 weeks O_O" But Ive had a great time in Copenhagen. I eally wanna save up money enough to be able to get a new apartment next year, closer to Copenhagen and my dear beloved friends... But I also need a new sewingmachine, iron and ironboard __ __" Mostly a nw sewing mahine, Hopefully I will buy one next month so I can start on making my costumes for Genki-con in the start of August.
I have already bought a pair of lenses for the one of the cosplays: Sugata from Star Driver! 8D

I have the fabric for the vest, and I already have the shirt + think I know where to get the shoes. So actually its only the minor details I need now.. Like pants and a wig ( <-which I also have found a perfect example of I hope to by as soon as I have activated and gotten my new bankcard with my paypal. )
I will upload some pictures of the W.I.P of the vest when I have found the right thread for it.. and made a new and better boob-killing 'strammer' ^^;

OBS: If you want news on the rat-stuff I mostly have been writing about it at my other livejounal blog: http://hyachiku.livejournal.com/

// Yokume

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Day of celebration


Long time no talk.. I know my last blogentry was pretty emo-ish but I really felt down at that time, luckily my mood is changing to the better now. All thanks to all the friends there have been around me lately. <33
Today ( May 1st 2011 ) It is a year since I moved to Zealand, the island in Denmark I really love and have found facinating since the first time I visited it at the age of 11 or so ^^,
So to celebrate it I took the offer the s-trains have each 1st sunday in a new month; free s-trains. So a bit sleepy but yet happy, I took the bus to the trainstation where my s-train were 10 minutes late >>', so when it actually came it was super stuffed and it was only by pure luck I got a seat to sit on. In Copenhagen I changed to an other S-train to Hillerød, cause I really wanted to visit a castle and I knew Hillerød have a very beautiful castle called Frederiksborg Castle. It is said to be one of the most beautiful castles in the northern Europe, which I really kinda believe, cause It really took my breath when I saw the first view of it. lying there being all romantic in a lake. I had charged my battery for my camer and emptied the memorycard so I could take as many pictures of possible, which I also did. All in all I spent around 5-6 hours just in the museum part of the castle. I also were out in the huge and very nice baroque garden, which is an copy of one the King Christian the VI I think it was, made on the other side of the lake, so people could see it almost every time they were looking out of the windows ( Whcih all had a very nice view, either to the garden or to the courtyard with its amasing springwater ( I also learned that one of the kings that lived there had a springwater in his room x'D ) All in all it was so very amusing, and the weather really were on my side. I would really love to make a photoshoot there once..
Maybe an Anastasia photoshoot when I am done with the dress?

I got filled my memory card with pictures I will upload here http://hyachiku.deviantart.com/ and on this blog or my livejournal ^^,

On the way home it began to rain, and a single lightning  pierced the sky what I saw.. It also hailed.. Pretty weird and very suddenly cold and windy weather >>'. But in the train there were ok space, just untill we came to Østerport station, where we ended up being so crammed that I felt like a canned fish. It didnt make it very much better in the train to Albertslund, where there, if possible, were so many people that I was scared that some might fall out when the doors opened. I was forced to stand up, in a room between 4 doors, with 4 prams, and a bike... 7 children and 19 adults, myself included ( Yes I counted! ). We were so stucked up that I had trouble to keep myself calm as I nearly got a panic/fear-attack ><' But I survived... Luckily.. Though one of the others stared evil at me shaking her head and poiting at me as if I were a kid who did something wrong >>'

Just cheked my mail and see I got accepted on being one of the many cosplayers trying to be a part of the 'CosplayIdols' Lol not that I feel like a idol or awesome. Actually the only reason why I sent an entry was cause I was bored and I thought it might be fun to try out.. :/ Well. Im really surprised how many there already are who have voted ( last I cheked 45 in only 5 hours! Ö ) But ya..I can always use a vote more so please click on the photo/link/utton-thingy down there, and vote for me, it will make me happy as if I win I will get a chance for spending a lot of money on cosplay without thinking about the money for food and trains and such. What I've undertood at least.. lol

Cosplay idolYokume as Undertaker
Join Otaku House Cosplay Idol

// Yokume