4:17 PM

just wanted

.. To kill the old blog entry xD

So ya, what I've been up to latel? not really naything much.. This wednesday I hang out with some friends and had fun stalking a photoshoot and playing wih water, even though my pants got really wet ^^;
I bought a blond wig from Emi and later bought a bracelet Im gonna use the pearls from for a bracelet to a cosplay that the blonde wig is also for.

Im gonna cosplay Femris

This guy.. He is owned by Nyrietta on deviantArt.com TWT 
His real name is Fenris, but its quite a long joke about hm plying truth or dare where he got dared into wearing one of his young mistress's dresses ^^;

Im pretty much looking forward to this cosplay even though Im gonna show super much legs >///<"


4:17 AM

Late nights fear

..or early mornings nightmare..

Its as you take it I guess...
Just wanted to rant abit about my situation right now: Its 4 am, I ate chips before i brushed my teeth, and now i an feel i have some chips-ew-ew something stuck in one of my teeth, which also is bleeding in my try of getting the stuff away >< M nail aint long enough to perk it away, and theres no toothsticks in the house ><... which now have led to me being in halfway panic because of it ><..
Yesterday I also took to my parents apartment which led me to have to give nearl 400 danish kroner for both busticket and trainticket ><.. So xpensive, usualy it osts nearly 200 kr.. So ya.. m not gonna do very much this month, my wallet wont allow that. I've already lent 6000 kr from my mother cause else i wouldnt have any electricity now TT_TT We need to figure out how to pay her back.. If I was good enough at drawing i would do commissons, but rly lets realize it: i will never be good at drawing, and people wouldnt pay anythng for it.. So lets face it: I probably wont be able to go to Genkicon this year, which I else had looked forward to because its at my brthday AND I turn 22 years T3T Such an oldfart.

I've also become a tutor in a group rp on dA named Hiems Mansion.. ( the group: http://hiems-mansion.deviantart.com )  I guess I spent too much time being at dA? But I cant help it.. These guys really help me when my mood is terrible ^w^

Sems like fate really have hated me this week. * sigh *

Oh well I will try to get some sleep on the couch now.. My littlesister will come tomorrow too. Either m gonna be pissed off of her or i wil just ignore her... lol.. thats how me and my sister is together.. but sometimes we go to the cinema to look at insane and scary movies.. its something we have together.. The scarier the better 8D We both really enoy the asian horror movies TwT

And now I feel like writing a story.. I should try to focus on the book I will write and publish.. But more about that in an other entry else this will be too long ^^;

// Yokume