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Confusion 2011


I really should try to write in this one some more often ^^;
A week ago I was at a convention in Göteborg, Sweden. The convention is a 'newborn' and are called 'confusion' which I really thinks fits it, since it was a big confusion to find our way in Göteborg ( I was together with Risa -> http://riku-risa.deviantart.com and Miku -> http://miirumiru.deviantart.com )

The GPS in our drivers car wanted us to drive at the railway-thing that the small train-things are in, and only the mini-trains and the busses may drive. so it was pretty @_@ ish
Finally we found our way down there, but unfortunately had Risa lost her Iphone. So while Risa and Miku ran out to try and find the Iphone, I stayed at the convention and kept an eye on the bags while getting a headace ( There was a band playing on stage only a few metres from the entrance ) While I was standing there I got my armband and talked with 3 different arrangers before I got my ticket to the sleeping area, as I didnt have any hotel to stay at.
Finally an hour later did Risa and Miku come, and we could hang out at the convention just doozing a little since we were tired after nearly 5 hours of driving ^^;
I wasnt cosplaying that day.

At saturday I was cosplaying as Undertaker, and got a fangirl who wouldnt leave me alone __ __" But I didnt complain, couldnt get myself to it, though it took hard on my HSP, and I had to look for relaxing place ( aka the museum area there was at the convention, where you had to be silent and respect the other visitors. ) So ya.. Everytime I felt that I was on my way breaking down I searched for the museum, and everytime I ended up in the same dark room, watching Ponyo with other visitors ( God I gotta cosplay Ponyos dad one day.. He's weird and awesome xDD )
At the night I was hanging out in the karaoke-room making a fool out of myself and getting a few new friends ^^;

Sunday was more relaxing, and we were all more or less groggy-ish and tired. Yet I still managed to cosplay as Undertaker in his Queen dress version. Though the dress still needs to get fixed a little, and to get a bewb-button, and arms people still regonized me and wanted pictures. ( Unfortunatley it was most at times where I was on my way to something people wanted pictures xD )
It was a funny cosplay, and quickly put'd together on my sewingmachine that just seems to hate me. I still havent seen any of the pictures that got taken, but I hope I soon will ^^
The time home went somewhat faster as we took a small ferry, and I did for once not get totally seasick though I usually do it even in small trips.

The things I got at the convention: A small and very cute jellyfish-strap to my cellphone, and a stack of Pandora Hearts artwork cards in a box. And even though I know I miss some of the cards I still love them very much.

I have also just started on a new cosplaying project, after been reading the latest Pandora Hearts chapter.
My newest project = a Leo Nightray cosplay!
I have loved him from I saw him for the first time, so I am really excited about how it will turn out, if I can pull him out fine or if I will fail miserably ^^;

Wall of text.. Hrn.. Ya.. I definetly should write here some more often.
So far

// Yokume

PS: I have started a new other blog for the more geek-ish site of me ^^; Here's the link: http://yotakuness.blogspot.com/ It will be for anime and manga review-ish stuff ^^;


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