3:43 PM

Preparing for J-popcon 2013

Yes, I have moved since last time.
This mnth I honestly doubted I would have the money to get to J-popcon 2013, though it honestly doesnt matter that much to me, seeing as I have been so inactive as a cosplayer for years and therefore havent talked with my friends at cons, so I am likely to just feel like an awkward stranger when I walk there in the only Visual kei shirt I own.
With no pants, no shoes nor any makeup hair or anything else that will fit it to a better look..

I got a friend who want to pay for my entrance, doubted I ould have a cosplay to wear, again its the problem with a brain that keeps screaming ' loser' at one. Right now it is hnestly doing it extra much. My selfesteem is at its lowest, my roomies are lucky that they got a lot of costumes and have been working a lot on their cosplays.
I didnt feel like working on the last on Break as I would need expensive materials for the shoes, not to say the shirt looks like crap, I really want to sew a new one but the materials aint there.

An other cosplay I would have had worn at J-popcon 2013 would had been Alibaba Saluja from Magi, I got all the materials, but again I first started on it 2 days ago, I finished the pants, more or less ( just need elastic ) but with 3 persons around me I cant focus at all especially when they all three stress on their costumes despite its only a belt and some prop for the cosplay show they need atm.. >>;
While I need 2 shirts, a bootcover, a jacket-thing and well to finish the boots for Break and the details on his arms..

Problem; The stuff I bought yesterday have magically dissappeared and isnt to be foudn anywhere around the area I got in the apartment ( area = bed )

It all doesnt make it bettter that I might have cysts in my ovaries so moving to much around or makign a rong movement will bring sharp pains.. Yes I am going to get it checked at the doctor... Again... But first when I have changed doctor..

I am sorry for just writing this crappy entry but I just need to get my frustrations over being such a loser out. I shouldnt all myself a cosplayer when I honestly havent finished any projects for years.
That would just be ridicolous.

Hope the others who are going to the con will ahve a great time, friday I will just be in my visual kei shirt with a random wig and some drawing tools as I will feel the need for drawing there, despite being allergic to paper..

// Yokume