3:43 PM

Preparing for J-popcon 2013

Yes, I have moved since last time.
This mnth I honestly doubted I would have the money to get to J-popcon 2013, though it honestly doesnt matter that much to me, seeing as I have been so inactive as a cosplayer for years and therefore havent talked with my friends at cons, so I am likely to just feel like an awkward stranger when I walk there in the only Visual kei shirt I own.
With no pants, no shoes nor any makeup hair or anything else that will fit it to a better look..

I got a friend who want to pay for my entrance, doubted I ould have a cosplay to wear, again its the problem with a brain that keeps screaming ' loser' at one. Right now it is hnestly doing it extra much. My selfesteem is at its lowest, my roomies are lucky that they got a lot of costumes and have been working a lot on their cosplays.
I didnt feel like working on the last on Break as I would need expensive materials for the shoes, not to say the shirt looks like crap, I really want to sew a new one but the materials aint there.

An other cosplay I would have had worn at J-popcon 2013 would had been Alibaba Saluja from Magi, I got all the materials, but again I first started on it 2 days ago, I finished the pants, more or less ( just need elastic ) but with 3 persons around me I cant focus at all especially when they all three stress on their costumes despite its only a belt and some prop for the cosplay show they need atm.. >>;
While I need 2 shirts, a bootcover, a jacket-thing and well to finish the boots for Break and the details on his arms..

Problem; The stuff I bought yesterday have magically dissappeared and isnt to be foudn anywhere around the area I got in the apartment ( area = bed )

It all doesnt make it bettter that I might have cysts in my ovaries so moving to much around or makign a rong movement will bring sharp pains.. Yes I am going to get it checked at the doctor... Again... But first when I have changed doctor..

I am sorry for just writing this crappy entry but I just need to get my frustrations over being such a loser out. I shouldnt all myself a cosplayer when I honestly havent finished any projects for years.
That would just be ridicolous.

Hope the others who are going to the con will ahve a great time, friday I will just be in my visual kei shirt with a random wig and some drawing tools as I will feel the need for drawing there, despite being allergic to paper..

// Yokume

6:19 PM

A new start in a new city

So, what happend since last journal-entry? I must really get better at updating this ^^,

I got a lot to tell to be honest.
1. Back in november I was at the hospital with servere pain in my left hip and a high fever, was there for three long and stressful to not say painful days. They didnt find any source for the pain so they told me to jut go back home, that it might be stress or a hard stomache.. ( Still got the pains once in a while, so I honestly doubt its any of those things since it felt like something inside me broke :/ ) Have searched up about the pain on danish pages and nothing turned up, but when I got to english sites I found that its likely it can be a cyste or cancer in the ovaries. I hope mostly for the cyste part tbh, though I'm worried about eventual operation and how long I then would have to be at a hospital, then getting home and welp... Yeah, lets just say I got a lot of stairs to get up on now...

2. The day after I got out of the hospital, I moved to Copenhagen, where I now am living with my bro/best friend and his girlfriend. ( Whom both are cosplayers, just on a way higher level than me )

3. I am by now waiting for a letter from my new caseworker about a case where I might get under a special made education for me. If I dont get the permission to get this education, welp then I guess its just about biting the teeth hard together and go to the jobless-office tell them wth to do when I have been in their system for 5½ years, without getting anywhere. Not jobwise nor education wise, and the gods may know I do my part for trying to find an education and job I can handle OTL;

So after that I am now sitting looking at cosplays to make for the nearby conventions. Still havent figured out 100% who to cosplay when though. But I have a sorta idea of whom to cosplay:
Alibaba  - Magi the labyrinth of magic
Yujin - Vampire Game
And Senri from +Anima

And that is about it... Well for J-popcon in March that is.. Dont really know about SVS-con..

// Yokume