11:08 PM

Happy days!

Wonderful wonder days <3

Long time since I have spent time with friends, which also is why I have loved this weekend. Saturday I went to Nikos place where I hung out with Niko, Risa, Wolfy, Haru, Shinji, Tobi, Naru and Sidsel. Watching movies, baking a cake for Haru's birthday in the middle of the night so she had a cake as soon it was over midnight time. Watching movies all night long. It was a lot fun, so much fun that we first went to bed at nearly 5 am ^^;

Today we were all kinda tired, but still fresh enough to watch some more movies ( rejsen til saturn! ) while eating candeh leftovers, before we began to clean up. A couple of hours later we went to Harus apartment, the ones of us who was left; Me, Risa, Niko, Haru and Shinji. Celebrating Harus 16-years birthday by eating pancakes with icecream <3 Haru and Risa took a few photos of their casual cosplays, before Niko, Shinji and I were going back to the train again. There Shinji left us to get home, while I now am sitting in Nikos apartment with her by my side owo ( My dear beloved finglefyr ;) )

So I will have a sleep-over here untill tomorrow where I will be taking the long and boring trip with the train to my parents apartment where I will be for a couple of days, and being there at my dads 60th years birthday ^^;
Looking forward to see my sister and brothers again 8D

But yeah... New and many cosplays are planned, will be writing a list over them soon.

so long



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