4:10 PM

Merry X-mas!


Time is drawing near and within 24 hours I will be celebrating christmas together with my friend and her family, they invited me to celebrate christmas at their home as my own parents dont celebrate it and havent been doing it for 2-3 year now, the nearest is to set up a small plastic-christmas-tree and just look at it while listening to a radio, no gifts or whatsoever, not even singing or christmas food.. >>'
So I am really looking forward to the christmas this year ^w^
We have already been out in the garden and taken down the christmastree of the top of a tree as we were to late out finding one, and as it is a tradition in their home to find the ugliest tree and to make it even more ugly.. Its just such a funny and adorable tradition.

Right now we are sitting in a huge christmas spirit, while ricepudding are been done and we are hoping not to snow in as we are out in the country where 'even the crows bring a lunchbag with them' (<- Danish saying.)

I am still needing to work some more at a christmas-gift, but thats ok, no stress.. Yet.. just a cozy happy feeling. + I have maybe found a couple of adorable fluffy kittens. ( Or rather one of the sisters in the family I am gonna celebrate christmas at, have found them. They are so cute and not so far away from my home, so I hope that I can get them )

// Hyachiku - wishing everybody a great christmas 8DD


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