4:03 AM

Chihuahua and 'truth or dare'

* Insert Chihuahua song here *

Yes, the last 3-4 hours I've been watching/listening to Beverlyhills Chihuahua, twice! First at danish, then at english.. I gotta say I prefer the english. Actually its kinda cute, the part of it I did get xDD and now the Chihuahua song is stuck in my mind @_@

Had a fun Truth or Dare game with some AoH and ex-AoH people.. Poor Pandora and Leonius xDD Embarassing and awkward moments ftw. I bet Pandora is traumatizied after that game ^^;
( And for the curious I can say that Pandora is one of my Original Characters, and that she is a very small greywinged angel, whose wings doesnt work. )

I hope my foot will heal after the meeting with the needle last wednesday. Bcause now I've taken the last recommended footbath, and it still hurt/are kinda not comfortable when I walks >< But at least it haven swollen or becoming blue, yet, there only are a purpleish mark after the neede got pressed trought my foot nd then the small scratches-thing it left.

Just began to work on a new drawing, which I will do my very best for drawing well. Plus I've got a new idea for a new comic about angels without wings ( by some called friends ;) )

But now I will go to bed since its almost 4.30 am ^^;

// Hyachiku


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