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Cat sitter


From wednesday I am gonna be a cat-sitter for Risas ( http://pissynovelist.blogspot.com/ ) lovely 2 cats while she is in Australia for around 20 days.
I'm kinda looking forward to it as I am closer to a lot of lovely persons here ( I'm gonna cat-sit them in her apartment ). and it is also a very nice thing to be over here, being a cat-sitter, it will take my thoughts more or less away from my waiting on my super adorable and over pretty pet rats. They did by the way turn 2 weeks today. Some pictures of the pretty ones:



I'm so looking forward to getting these two pretty ones with me home in around 3 weeks 8D


Michelle said...

oh wow! they look so fucking adorbale I could die! Can't wait for you to get these so I can play with them!!! *dies for cutenes*

Overnight House Sitting said...

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