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just wanted

.. To kill the old blog entry xD

So ya, what I've been up to latel? not really naything much.. This wednesday I hang out with some friends and had fun stalking a photoshoot and playing wih water, even though my pants got really wet ^^;
I bought a blond wig from Emi and later bought a bracelet Im gonna use the pearls from for a bracelet to a cosplay that the blonde wig is also for.

Im gonna cosplay Femris

This guy.. He is owned by Nyrietta on deviantArt.com TWT 
His real name is Fenris, but its quite a long joke about hm plying truth or dare where he got dared into wearing one of his young mistress's dresses ^^;

Im pretty much looking forward to this cosplay even though Im gonna show super much legs >///<"



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