1:32 AM

New year and stretch-marks

So, now we're in a new year; 2011! One year till the end of the world, if one should believe in that.

I celebrated christmas together with Risa and her family as my own family havent been celebrating christmas or years. I felt totaly spoiled trough those days ^^;
I got Risa's old computer ( as I knew I would get ) then I got a good warm shirt( hættetrøje), a necklace ( though I am not really the necklace-type of girl ) and last I got a book written by Risa's older sister with a personal message for me inside it 8DD

New years eve I spent together with the Godzilla's cosplay group, or rather some of them. It was fun though one of te got a migraine-attack so I was up with her trough the whole night and only got 3 hours of sleep .__.''
Mynew years resolutions is:

Loose some weight
Draw a drawing every day
Get out of my dept
Get better at cosplaying/sewing
Get a job
Live more healthy
..And start on one of the comic idea's I had had for some time. ^^;;

I've been sick all the way trough the first week in this year >>, but I'm better now.
I found a lot of new and large stretch-marks on my left leg ><
So I panicked a little and found some tips that should help on getting stretch-marks to be smaller and less red, more invisible-ish.

Those tips I wanna share with my readers, though I havent tried all of them yet:

1. Rinse your legs and the places where you have stretch marks with cold water, it gets the circulation going and get your stretch marks to appear less visible, not only that, your legs and ass will also get more firmly.
2. Coffee grounds, mixed with sunflower oil, and massage it into the thighs and buttocks and let it sit for a couple of minutes, then you dry off with cotton wool or soft paper towel..
3. Eat healthy. Food with lots of vitamin E and vitamin C
4. Keep the skin most with moisturizing cream.

I hope some other than me can use the tips. 8D

// Hyachiku